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You live and work abroad. Foreign landscapes, an interesting culture and a completely different life than in your home country fascinate you. No matter if you followed your love abroad, plan to stay temporarily for an organization or company or want to move your center of life for a longer period of time:

All of that comes with challenges, which makes you feel lonely and clueless?

I myself have experienced the supportive power of trustworthy and professional support in situations in which nothing seems to work anymore.

With my experience-based coaching approach, I will help you make the most of your time abroad and turn it into one of the most enriching experiences of your life.



 Do any of the following apply to you?


In your private life


  • You feel lonely and overwhelmed at times. You miss your family and friends, or your usual support system.
  • You are wondering if you are in the right place and how you would like to shape your life in the long term.
  • You struggle to find understanding and balance in an intercultural relationship.
In your work context


  • You are moved by questions about the meaningfulness and perspectives of your work.
  • You find it difficult to find your role in a work context that operates according to different rules and values than you are used to.
  • You feel stressed and overwhelmed by the pressure of responsibility or the unpredictability/dangerousness of the situation. This shows in first symptoms of overwhelm (insomnia/ changed eating behavior/ anxiety/ withdrawal/...) or simply your need for support.
From my own time as a development consultant in Palestine, I know that having an exotic experience as a tourist is a different matter than engaging in a binding commitment to work and life in another culture. You can read about the challenges I faced here.

Although I am an open and curious person, I had to overcome some internal and external hurdles to get through it. It was worth it. Looking back, I feel that my time as an expat was the most intense, colorful and challenging phase in my life.

As a certified systemic coach, mentor and supervisor, I now support expats like you 


  • in reflecting on their deeper WHY
  • in expanding perspectives and options for action
  • in staying creative and agile even under challenging conditions and in gaining inner strength under uncertain circumstances
  • in accepting and loving oneself and another culture
  • in interacting and communicating culturally sensitive and constructive
  • in developing individual coping strategies in dealing with stress and trauma


I accompany, encourage and strengthen you in making your time abroad an interesting and fulfilling life and learning experience.

My coaching offers you a protected space in which we analyze your individual needs and resources regarding your current challenges based on trust and appreciation.

Systemic questions and impulses help you to develop new perspectives and options for action.

I'll show you ways to incorporate habits into your new daily routine that will help you self-regulate, relax, and stay healthy even under difficult circumstances.

Choose from my following offers the one that suits your particular situation.


In a free orientation meeting we can clarify together in which way I can best support you. 

Troubleshooter/ Schnelle Krisenintervention

1time, 60 min

You are in an acute crisis situation that requires quick action. You need short-term support to reflect on a decision or your options for action. You need emotional support and possibilities to positively regulate yourself.

Process support 

(5times, 60 min) 

You feel the need to master a more complex challenge or issue through a clarification process.

My offer includes

  • 5 online coaching sessions
  • support mails
  • written impulses after each session to integrate new perspectives and impulses into your everyday life
  • whatsapp contact


You would like to be accompanied over a longer period of time at regular intervals to reflect on your experiences and to open up new perspectives and options for action.


Your team would like better communication and cooperation. Intercultural issues are looking for a solution. I moderate a space for reflection and communication that supports you in achieving common goals creatively and with pleasure.


"While working in development service in Palestine, I went through a difficult period both personally and professionally and came to the brink of burnout.

During this time I was lucky to find Cordula as a coach. Her empathetic manner, her experience, professional tools and last but not least her spiritual inspiration have shown me new ways to deal with my challenges and to get to know myself better.

Instead of giving up, I continued my commitment and found more energy and joie de vivre."

Gabriela K.

Development Advisor, 30 years old

cordula böhm
online coaching


I accompany and support you in changes and life transitions on your way to a powerful colorful life.

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